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All About Dave



I suppose I could go on and ramble about my love for photography, the freedom of expression it gives me, and the satisfaction of creating beautiful images.  But I won't.  You've likely read a dozen self-proclaimed love affairs by the time you got here.


Instead, consider that I've used a camera as a tool since high school, grew up through the age of film, got my hands stinky with chemicals, created images of people, places, and things, all while being acknowledged from time to time with awards and kind recognition from peers and colleagues alike.  An early embracer of digital technology, I saw the growth potential and advantages that this technology would bring to the field of photography.


Trained in Electrical Engineering, it was easy for me to appreciate this new way of making images.  And I say images as opposed to pictures.  Sure, digital cameras today can rattle off hundreds if not thousands of snaps in a single photo shoot or event.  Some people do this figuring something out of the lot will be a good shot, but then have to sift through mostly throw-away snaps due to their poor quality.  Having learned to be frugal in the film era, I take a more thoughtful approach to creating the image I have in mind.


For an image I want to create, I will try to envision the entire process from subject, composition, when to snap the photo, and then post processing using the tools available to me.   I have taken advantage over the years of training opportunities and photo projects to fine tune the subtleties of image creation and refinement.  Having said that, I still take a lot of pictures (and bad ones, too).


I’ve spent my adult life in the great pacific northwest of Oregon.  There are so many beautiful and varied environments here, that I just never get tired of finding new places I’ve not been before, as well as returning to sites tried and true.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to many parts of the world and experience the places, people, and cultures of these varied places.  “Have camera, will travel” they say.


I shoot with Sony cameras, full frame and APS-C at 47 and 24 mega pixels.  I have good equipment for my studio for when I need controlled lighting situations, and gear to take on the road for that on-location experience.  I subscribe to the full line of Adobe Creative Cloud products, and have a good degree of proficiency in most of them.  That’s all I’m going to say about the gear, because at the end of the day, it is about how it is used to make that special image.


Beyond the photography, I can tell you that I live not in the city, but in the forest across from an untamed river.  The house that I live is an early settler home, and I share it with my two rat terrier pups, Bud & Brat (that’s double the trouble).


I participate and contribute in my local community when I can, having been a Commissioner on the city’s Arts Commission, vice-president of the Centennial Committee, contributor to the 100-year time capsule, contributor to the design of the city’s Rodeo Walk of Fame, designed the centennial coin, and  vice president of the historical society.  I also get out and share snaps I’ve taken at community events, such as the rodeo, 4th of July Grand Parade, National Night Out, and other civic functions.  My photos have been seen in the Chamber of Commerce offices, catalog, and website, as well as the city’s website and local community newspaper.  On occasion, I’ve shown my images in art exhibitions and galleries as I’ve time to put them together.  Even a magazine has seen fit to publish some of my images.


So, good job to you if you've made it this far reading.  I hope that you will have an interest in my services and work, and invite you to explore here further before making a decision on a photographer for your special moments.


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