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Fine Art

Fine Art Photography

I have a great passion for fine art photography.  From landscapes to highly technical images, I embrace the challenges of composition, exposure, and processing to produce the highest quality images.  My work is often designed for a specific media and is only available by my selection.  Featured works are presented here, and others are also available on my fulfillment site.  I invite you to browse my work and decide what's right for you.


More of my works can be viewed and purchsed on my fulfillment site at

Feature Works

Fox Church

The Fox Church was built in 1898 by Baptist families from Missouri who settled Fox Valley.


This is an example of dramatic black & white imagery set against a time gone past, but yet is still very much a part of Oregon.


This image is printed on photo paper designed especially for B&W images.  It has a matte-like finish that pops with the strong structural elements of the photograph.

Sunrise at Pendleton

Every year, the town of Pendleton (Oregon) host one of the best rodeos in the country.  On this particular morning, full of a promise of a rain storm, we were greeted with this beautiful sunrise from our camp on a ranch just outside of town.


This image is only available on aluminum.  It is a stunning explosion of subtle colors of deep blue, highlighted by the brilliant orange of the rising sun against the clouds.




Eclipse, 2017

Taken over the course of a couple of hours from my own backyard, the total eclipse of 2017 was truly spectacular.  This presentation offers frames of the progress of the even, centering on the full totality with the moon obscuring the sun.


This images in only available on acrylic, and at the set size of 9.5 x 50".  Six mounting anchors are provided for installation.

Smith Rock

Smith Rock (Central Oregon) is actually the core ruminates of an ancient volcano.  The Crooked River flows through the valley in this beautiful S-curve.


This image is only available on framed aluminum.  Center crops of the full image can be ordered on 'metalized' photo paper, offering an eye-catching contrast between the B&W to color elements.

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