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High School Senior Portraits


$150 - studio session

$200 - location session

You have that ONE chance.  That time is now.


You're only a senior once.  It is a milestone of your passage into being an adult.

This time will pass in a blink of an eye.

Who are you?  What are you about?

Capture this moment!


If you're like most people of this generation, you likely have more photos of you than ever before in the history of mankind.  Yet, that one professional photograph that captures YOU may still be missing.  There are a billion reasons to do this, whether it is for your friends or for your parents, it is a lasting memory that you can look back upon in your later years, and share with a new generation of family and friends.  Don't miss on this opportunity.

The senior portrait is an investment.  Relative to its value, the cost isn't much.  But, it is understood that at this time in your life, the monetary cost may be significant.  This is why a special discount is being offered at this time that gives you the highest quality photographs at the best possible value for the service provided.  This limited time offer is in conjunction with the new studio opening in September 2019 in downtown Molalla.


 You should prepare for the photo session.  Hair, any make-up, a few different outfits and accessories to try on or have with you.  I encourage you to choose that which defines you.  Sports, hunting, extra circular activities and the like are all fair game.  Your horse, pet, favorite car... yeah, these are all on the table.  After all, you are the architect of your life, and now its time to show off where you are along that path.  When you book a session, we can chat about you and design your personal photography experience.  Need ideas?  Suggestions from the experience I have can be offered and we can determine what resonates with you.  Additional inspiration can be found on-line with the vast collection of images that are available.

When you're ready, make the call.  We're not doing this on-line with an automated scheduler or email questions and answers.  That's too impersonal.  Yup, pick up the phone, call me, and we talk.  My cell number is (503) 732-6160.  There, now you have everything you need to get started.  I hope to hear from you soon.




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